Don’t Call Back Unknown Numbers – a New Scam That Will Rob You of Your Money

I am one that usually calls back numbers, even if I don’t recognize them.  I guess I’m just curious, and figure if someone called me they may have had a good reason.  Boy am I happy I learned about this scam before they got me.  Apparently, some new con artists have implemented this new scam where they call people and after one ring hang up. 

Many people like me see the missed call, and call back.  Bad bad bad!  What happens when you call back is that you get some massive international charge applied to your bill that goes through some random paid premium service that will be taking your money.  They’re calling this the “one-ring phone scam”.  They are somehow calling masses of people at the same time and leaving that missed called lingering on many phone screens. 

You’ve been warned folks.  Don’t call any unknown numbers back.  After all, if it was important they would leave you some kind of message, say a text or a voicemail.  Don’t be the next victim.  We need our money to spend on much more valuable things, like say one of our portable batteries from Juno Power!

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich