Is Apple Making an Android Phone?

We all know who Steve Wozniak is – co-founder of Apple of course.  He is known to be an outspoken guy who typically doesn’t filter out telling people his thoughts and opinions, no matter how controversial they may seem.  The newest piece of his mind that he is sharing with us is as shocking as it is surprising. 

He thinks that Apple should team up with Google in creating Apple Android phones.  I know, I had the same expression. 

Wozniak sees no reason as to why Apple shouldn’t make an Android.  Lately Android phones have been doing great and adding some awesome new features to their phones.  Why would it be such an issue to team up in creating a phone that is a morph between the two – an iDroid. 

The thought actually sounds pretty intriguing.  However, I can think of a few reasons why this would be a bad business move, and I am sure Apple can think of even more.  Besides, we can’t just forget the huge, publicly proclaimed beef Steve Jobs had with Google executives.  Although the retired co-founder has been known to say some pretty unflattering things about Apple, Wozniak is still very loyal to his brand, dubbing it “superior” to the others.  

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich