Flappy Bird Isn’t Available for Download Anymore!

For some this may sound like great news.  The new game, Flappy Bird, has probably done some work on anyone’s nerves who has played the infamous game even once.  This frustratingly irritating and for some reason, extremely addictive game went viral almost instantly.  Millions fell victim to this game; a seemingly simple concept that turned out to be infuriatingly difficult.  I have played the game countless times, over and over again, only to reach the meager score of 21. 
So why is this wildly popular game being denied for download now?
Quite suddenly, Nguyen Ha Dong, made a decision to remove the game.  Sounds like maybe he was facing some legal issues.  Apparently, this is not so.  According to Dong, he is certainly not facing a lawsuit.  So why would he remove a wildly successful game that was probably generating a huge amount of income for the game-maker?
The most logical explanation is that, unlike many of his competitors (like Rovio with Angry Birds), having been inspired by the famous Mario Brothers Game, Dong created the game on his own.  With all the lawsuit threats that come with basically anything that starts to generate that kind of money, Dong is simply not equipped to deal with repercussions that come with this kind of fame. 
So, with the take down of Flappy Bird, it is no longer available for download.  However, if you’ve already downloaded it onto your devices – sorry, you’re still stuck with the angering yet addicting game.  For all that had not joined the Flappy Bird movement yet, be thankful that your nerves have been spared!
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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich