Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner – exactly four days away.  There are some people who are fantastic gift givers, and then there are those of us that have been sitting here scratching our heads wondering what little gift will make your sweetheart feel the love.  Here is a list of some thoughtful gift ideas that will make your special someone swoon!

  1.  Sparkling Gold Cuvee – Wine is up there on the list of most common or unimaginative Valentine’s Day gifts.  Put a little twist on it.  This bubbly white wine has actual 22 carat gold flakes in (yes, they’re obviously edible).  And they are sold for a surprisingly low price! You can find this on Firebox.  
  2. Bake something.  Okay, I know chocolate is pretty much the biggest Valentine’s Day cliché, but why not embrace it!  Check out these decadent chocolate dessert recipes that will have you drooling at the mere site of them.  Who doesn’t love cake?!  Found on Pinterest, of course.                                                         
  3. If you want to do something less obvious, check out these cute little Jawbone Speakers!  They are easily portable and fit in your back pocket – for all the music lovers out there!  
  4. Izola Candles.  Candles are one of those things that most of us feel bad spending a lot of money on, but love having.  These candles are fantastic, and perfect little gift for setting a romantic mood. Follow this link to find them.  
  5. Old fashioned Cocktail Set.  It can be hard trying to find a gift, especially for the manly man.  Here is the ultimate man drink – the Old Fashioned.  Get him this cute little set to mix his favorite drink. 
  6. Personalized M&M’s.  Here’s an adorable idea – personalized M&M’s where you can write ! <3 _____.  Anyone would love this.                                                                                                                
  7. Personalized Gift Basket.  Create the perfect gift basket for your honey.  Things to put in it could be a bottle of wine from a special/significant year, one of your favorite romantic movies (e.g. The Notebook), popcorn or chocolates, and maybe a new bathrobe or bed sheets.  You get the gist.
  8. Spa Day.  Get her a spa certificate because everyone loves getting pampered.  Make it extra special by doing a couples package.                                                            
  9. Pictures.  Valentine’s Day is all about showing that special someone how much you care for them.  Putting a cute little picture collage is sure to but a smile on his/her face.  If you don’t have too many pictures together, find one and put a cute little love note in one of these boards with room to add pictures as they come in the future. This one works perfectly.  
  10. Want to stay away from the obvious?  Get your special someone the gift of power.  We are all basically married to our phones, so help keep your valentine charged, and more importantly connected so that they never miss a communication with you!  A Juno Power battery keeps you charged.  Check us out here on our website, or on Amazon.  Get them while they're still 25% off!  Only until Valentine's Day.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich