Gaming to Learn a New Language

Duolingo, Apple's top app for 2013, is just one of the many apps out there with a gaming objective to help us learn. The colorful app offers a learning platform with a gaming aspect. Often times, whenever we are caught up in a game, our attention span becomes focused on the little screen on our phones. With learning apps like this, the objective for gaming is pretty much the same except there's learning taking place while it's happening. 

Simple words are learned by connecting them with pictures of things we know, similar to Rosetta Stone. Differentiation takes place throughout each lesson to keep users engaged and thinking around the words and phrases they learn. Currently, Duolingo offers lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portugese. It would be nice if more language options were available, but realistically others are more difficult to learn on one's own free time. 

The structure of the app and its many lessons include levels, lives, and time limits. All of these combined offer a fun, interactive gaming experience that also teaches us lessons in whatever language we choose. With increased use for our smartphones and tablets to explore apps like this one, more battery drainage occurs.

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Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner