Flight Attendants Equipped with Google Glasses

Back in the day, airplanes had a much more glamorous reputation than they do nowadays.  Decades ago, people viewed flying on planes something akin to a party.  I know I know, the whole airplane thing seemed more fun before because I was a newer concept, and less people were flying as frequently as we do now. 

Times certainly have changed.  Even though I am quite certain we get much better service, as well as nicer plane conditions nowadays, many of us dread having to go sit on a flight (sometimes for hours).  Despite the thought of being trapped in a sedentary position for a time is not always desired, many of us tend to prefer certain airlines because in our own experiences, we have rated some of the service better in some airlines compared to others.  Some planes you sit in and think, “They must have not updated this plane since the 80’s”. 

For instance, my favorite airline is Virgin America, because I have yet to experience a delay, and the service on the plane has always been better by my standards than the other flights I have been on.  It’s the little things that can sometimes make the world of difference. 


The newest and most impressive update I have heard of lately lies with Virgin Atlantic.  They now have their staff for the first class passengers equipped with Google Glasses. 

When you pay a grand price for first class tickets, you expect the best service.  With all of the updates made in technology, I am glad to see people utilizing the tools offered to the world in giving people better, more amazing experiences. 

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Happy Flying!

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich