Drama at the Olympics – Is Samsung Getting a Little Too Competitive?

There is a rumor going around that Samsung allegedly requested Olympic athletes to cover up Apple logos on their phones. 

The story is that upon gifting free Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones, a few demands were made, asking the athletes to cover up all other Samsung’s competitors’ logos in exchange for their new gift –specifically iPhone logos.  This was initially posted on some Swiss website.  Supposedly, Samsung felt that sponsoring the Olympics means there should not be any other rival brands broadcasted on Television or pictures to be shared of the Olympic opening ceremony. 

Now, I can understand that the purpose of Samsung sponsoring at the Olympics was mainly to get people to see their products being used by famous athletes, and in that their products are advertised – but asking for people to cover up other logos seems pretty juvenile and excessive. 

Samsung denies ever having requested such a thing – but then where did this rumor spawn from?  Perhaps initially the company had made some requests that they later decided to withdraw after the bad press followed.  Who knows?  Or it was completely fabricated by some bored human being. 

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich