A Stylish "Google Glass"

Wearable technology like Google Glass makes our life easier by offering the widgets we need at our very sight. But one thing missing from all this great usefulness is style. Tech companies are making all of these cool gadgets that we can't wait to get our hands on, but forgetting to incorporate fashion into the mix. Laforge optical has created Icis, the first stylish pair of smart glasses. 

While Google Glass is still the first of its kind, Icis has hit all the points needed to differentiate itself from the rest. For instance, in order to get around platform compatibility issues, Laforge is making its own app called SocialFlo. With the use of this app, all notifications from your social apps and networks are displayed in your vision, as they are received from your phone via bluetooth. The Icis will also have several different frame styles to fit each person's personality and give them that custom glasses feel. Other features include a 680 x 480 pixel resolution for the regular version and a higher 1280 x 680 resolution for the Bold line. 

 Want your pair already? Unfortunately, the company is still seeking funding. Glasses are said to be available to be shipped out to the public in January of 2015. However, if you sign up to be a beta tester and pay the $420 for them, you could get a pair by December of this year. So for those of you who don't feel like waiting, stay charged with one of our products which can be purchased today and sent out to you ASAP! 

Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner