Target, Hacked!

Have you been getting new target cards in the mail and don't understand why? Well, if you're a Target card holder, you might want to pay close attention to your statements. Recently, a massive hacking of the Target POS system took place and put a millions of Target customers at risk. Target has been working to get the issue resolved, but the hacker still hasn't been found. It is said that the initial intrusion into the POS systems at Target is linked to a HVAC system contractor that has worked at several locations. 

When a hacker gets a hold of your information, this includes your name, your credit card number, the card's expiration date, and the CVV code on the back. In other words, the hacker basically has your card and can use it to make purchases without you even knowing. It's like the idea of secure payments is no longer available to us. Part of this has to do with the fact that Target is just one of the many retailers that has yet to invest in updating their POS systems. The reason they don't do it is due to the neat 8 billion dollar cost to do so. Retailers are being cheap and not taking onto consideration the safety of their customers. 

As if it wasn't scary enough, the underground market for credit cards and personal information is higher than ever. This doesn't just mean avoid getting a card at Target, retailers everywhere could be putting you at risk by having poor security systems and high demand for your information. How can you save yourself from something like this happening to you? To secure your privacy and prevent hackers from getting your information, paying cash is the safest bet.

Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner