What's this? Guaranteed Fast Cellular Speed?

With the huge jump in technology our society has been experiencing, constant change and innovation are necessary in meeting the demands of the everyday consumer.  Of late, one of the newest trends has been a huge jump in video streaming.  This was bound to come with the debut of so many mobile devices having higher definition and bigger screens.  However, as many of us have experienced, the network is not always equipped to smoothly stream without experiencing hitches. 

I cannot tell you how many times my favorite show has frustratingly frozen at the absolute worst times.  Quite simply, our networks have not grown as fast as the demand has. 

Many networks have tried to repair this and meet the needs of the technology loving people.  Not surprisingly, Verizon has made strong efforts by adding more antennas and making stronger cells.  However, a better solution is in the making that will have all cell phone companies at Steve Perlman’s mercy. 

If the name sounds familiar to you, you may know him as the man who created and sold WebTV to Microsoft for a whopping $500 million.  This new project he is working on, and is very close to finishing is one to bring mobile users extremely fast cellular network speeds with fewer less dropped phone calls, even in highly populated vicinities, like say a concert or in a baseball stadium. 

He is calling this new technology “pCell”.  On a very basic level, the way that this works is that with all the many antennas around, they usually encounter issues by trying to avoid each other.  Perlman is making it so that the interference is embraced as opposed to trying to bypass it. 

I am sure there more details and developments are soon to be released and I cannot wait to hear more.  In lieu with all the cell phone use, stay charged with a Juno Power battery!  Check them out here or on Amazon.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich