Athletes Stay Charged @ the Olympics

As we all know, the Winter Olympics this year were held in Russia. With the last days of the games coming to an end, we can only hope for the best that USA can stay at the top. So far, team USA has been able to win a total of 27 medals, with 9 being gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze. Team USA's biggest advantage has been in freestyle skiing, with 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.  

Yesterday, team USA experienced a heartbreaking loss against Canada in the women's hockey final. With only one silver medal in this event, we are wishing the best of luck to the men to finish off strong and earn us another medal in the hockey segment.

Besides that, our dancers have been by far my favorite part of the olympics. With an outstanding performance and a first-ever gold medal for team USA in the event, Meryl Davis and Charlie White have left the crowd speechless. Other excellent athletes for Team USA include Bode Miller, who is the oldest athlete to take home a medal, who's performance makes it to our list of the most memorable moments of Sochi 2014. 

 As far as our competition goes, Russia has definitely wowed us all. With the youngest figure skater to compete in the olympic games, and win a gold medal, in 78 years we are absolutely stunned. With the fall of Jeremy Abbott, Julia Lipnitskaya inspired all of us to work harder towards our dreams and aspirations, and be more prepared for the upcoming games. Another athlete who kept us in suspense is Shaun White. With his high expectations being crushed by a wrist injury, us watching just continued to clench our teeth as he kept the competition mentality going. 

Back to Bode Miller, we are all extremely proud of him. Having had a difficult year with the death of his brother, he was still able to pull off a win and keep America inspired. In honor of him, Juno Power would like to keep the dream alive and power up his charity with a percentage of our sales making a contribution.

So if you still haven't bought a charger, or maybe you're ready to buy your friends one or get yourself a second one, and would like to contribute to a good cause now's the time to make that purchase. Our chargers will not only power up your devices that keep your life charged, but will also power up the life of others. Stay charged! 


Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner