Fitbit Force...On Recall

If you're a fitness enthusiast like myself, you're probably wondering what "fit bands" are, how they work and how they're of benefit to you. Well, one thing is for sure, the Fitbit Force is not one you should be considering. Several users of the Force band have been complaining of skin irritation, blisters, rashes and discomfort. It turns out that whatever this band is made out of is causing allergic reactions to users everywhere. 

So what's the fad on all of these "fit bands"? Basically, what these devices do is track your daily activity. People who are really into fitness and their overall wellbeing and health benefit from these as they help them learn about their fitness habits. The device is to be worn at all times to ensure accurate data readings. Information displayed on the small screen includes how many steps you've taken, the time, floors climbed, an alarm, total distance traveled, and overall calories burned per day.

The Fitbit Force is just one of the many bands created to help people track their activity and determine their healthy habits. The difference with this one is the materials that it's made with. Apparently, traces of nickel are used in the stainless steel components of the band and the actual wristband is made latex-free with elastomer materials. What exactly was the cause of these allergic reactions is still unknown but makers are pointing all fingers to the materials of the band. So for now, a recall has been issued out to prevent further damage to the public and fix their bad product. 

While this tech gadget has had some issues, our batteries have not done any damage close to that. You can ensure your skin is safe with the use of one of our batteries. 

Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner