Apple’s Security is Faltering

This past Friday, February 21st, a huge flaw was found in Apple’s security.  First, security professionals found the hole in the system that allows hackers to intercept supposedly “secure” communications, like email messages, even change them and send them out.  Upon further research following this huge problem, it was found that this issue exists in Mac’s as well through people using Safari. 

Security expert, Ashkan Soltani informs us that the “goto fail” vulnerability was found in just a single line of code embedded in the Calendar, Facetime, KeyNote, Twitter, Mail and iBooks applications. 

After this flaw was publicized, Apple went on to announce a new Software update made available in our devices settings.  However, the hack was again tested, and worked once more.  Therefore this fix, well, it didn’t fix anything.  This not to say that Apple is ignoring this big hole in their security system.  They are apparently working another software update that will eradicate the problem.  Being that Apple has a very good reputation for security in specific, I have faith that it’ll be fixed. 

Fortunately, this vulnerability is only available for hackers to utilize and take advantage of in settings where WiFi is shared.  So if you’re someone who makes it habit to head to your local coffee shop to get some work done over the web on your Apple Mac or iPad, maybe think twice until Apple comes out with that update.  

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich