Selfie 101

If you don't know what a selife is, you probably just didn't know that's what it was called. A selfie, like many other picture styles, is simply an expression of our facial features and expressions that we want others to see. Everyone does it, just not always publicly sharing it to everyone. 

As if it wasn't enough, the hashtag selfie (#selfie) is actually one of the most popular tags on Instagram with over 72 million entries. A selfie is a more realistic view at your existence as it expresses the many faces one has. Clive Thompson, an author on a book about technology and our minds, believes that a selfie is simply a part of the narcissism theory. This theory simply goes that those who take pictures of themselves, look in the mirror, etc, are self-obsessed. She says, “Every time you take a selfie, you re-see yourself through a new set of eyes.” This is very true as when you're talking to someone or simply looking in the mirror, the perspective is not the same. A third person perspective for how we look and feel about ourselves is important to understand our self-image and overall expression of our existence. 

With the introduction of filters, either in photoshopping or Instagram, has also made selfies more interesting. Filters allow us to see ourselves through changes as we pick and choose filters to what we think makes us look better. Dr. James Kilner has studied he effect of selfies, and the results sound very positive. In order for us to experience self-growth and overall build up our self esteem, pictures (like selfies) are important. His studies show that being able to take selfies and adjust them accordingly helps us match up to the perception we have of ourselves and overall make us feel more attractive. Basically, snapchats and Instagram 'selfies' every once in a while are good, just don't over do it. 


Clearly, the selfie is a growing trend, that is still constantly being practiced everywhere. Take advantage of your youth and the ability to "selfie' on. So no matter how many selfies you take per day, we all know a photo shoot can eat up your battery life. To keep selfie sessions going, carry a Juno Power battery with you and snap photos for dayyyzzz.


Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner