We have Netflix, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, video game consoles and now Qplay. What differentiates itself from the rest? Well, Qplay is a shot at personalized internet TV. The concept behind it is that users can create "personalized Qs" based on what they like. Using an ipad and an app, content beyond Netflix and Hulu Plus can be streamed via Qplay. 


Being tht the cofounders of Tivo were the ones to launch the product, we can expect this to be a great hit as it's like tivo but for internet streaming. As the company expands, for now only content from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter can be streamed. As it doesn't seem like it's any better than playing stuff on your Roku or Apple TV, Qplay is actually at a slight advantage. The main difference between Qplay and others is the fact that one is able to connect with their friends via Q's and share their likes and interests in personalized streams. Think of it like your Facebook feed, everyone's feed is different, that's what Qplay is all about.


Instead of browsing and searching for what might be good to watch, recommendations from your friends are automatically in your feed to help you ease the stress of not knowing what to watch on TV. With it's flexibility and personalization, "only Qplay gives you the power to publish those Qs, letting you create and share a virtual TV network on-the-fly."


The Qplay launched Tuesday, and is available for a discounted price of $49 dollars for a limited time. With the increasing use of your iPad for this new device, stay charged with one of our batteries. 


Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner