Apple CarPlay

Audio systems in our cars are probably one of the most important features for us commuters. With the changes in technology and different systems available, there never seems to be the perfect station on the radio. With the increasing use of mobile apps like Pandora, music is a crucial part of our lives. That's why, Apple introduces its new car radio and navigation system, CarPlay.

Being that Apple always seems to target the elite, the iOS system will only be available in luxury vehicles like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Volvo. The system is to be controlled and displayed on a touchscreen surface, with voice command similar to Siri. The overall upgrade to a car's system is basically having your iPhone built in to the car. CarPlay features include the basics: GPS, iTunes, calling, and the stuff we've been waiting to have. Calendar, emails, text messages, voice mails, notifications, it can all be read and controlled with the use of Siri in CarPlay. 

In order for CarPlay to work accordingly to one's settings, one must also have an iPhone 5 or newer. The controls and functions as well as music, contacts, etc. will then all sync together to bring you the ultimate customized CarPlay experience. It's basically turning your car's system into your beloved iPhone and having it be controlled without any touches or seeing. Since the technology is still exclusive and new, other car makes like BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Land Rover, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota are expected to have CarPlay available later this year. 

With the introduction of Apple TV, and its success with the iPhone globally, Apple's CarPlay is expected to be a huge hit. Clearly, catering to each individual's wants and needs is paying off greatly in Apple's favor. Staying ahead of the game, CarPlay is also said to function as your phone would, and have your personal apps available in the car as well. With all the excitement, and the wait for the system to come to our cars, stay charged in the meantime and get the most out of your iPhone with a HUE kard or HUE plus.

Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner