Selfies at the Oscars

Who watched the Oscars this year?? If you didn’t but were wondering about the wins, well – the movie called “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock took about half the conquests.  Watching the whole event itself was so interesting and entertaining.  From beautiful gowns to short interviews on the red carpet with the stars of Hollywood on the red carpet, to Ellen DeGeneres’s perfect hosting, the Oscar’s were a huge success in my book. 

Ellen did a fantastic job of dancing the fine line of inserting humor, perfect introductions, appropriate presentations and engaging the audience.  She also did something that broke a new Twitter record.  The Oscar’s can feel a little serious at times.  Ellen lightened up the atmosphere with her fun jokes, prancing around and chatting with her famous audience members, ordering pizza, and taking the record breaking selfie. 

Even though as I type the word selfie, my spellcheck is flagging it as an error, the word (and action) has become so popular that it has in fact been added to the dictionary.  While Ellen was jumping around the audience, she asked the very talented and handsome Bradley Cooper to take a selfie with her.  At that moment, a bunch of celebs (Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence and more) hopped in to be a part of the photo. 

Ellen tweeted the photo.  Instantly, the picture fell victim to so many re-tweets that Twitter decided to stop working.  By midnight on Sunday, there were already over 2 million tweets, beating the old record holder photo of Obama hugging his First Lady on the day of his win in 2012.  With the overload, Twitter stopped working for about 20 minutes, for which the company apologized for. 

Props to Ellen for that brilliant move!  She may well have just taken the Selfie of the year. 

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich