Google has to be the Best Everything – Email Updates

Email was the first platform on the web that changed the way the internet could be used; a new way of communication that quickly blew up and basically changed the way we live.  Now, most of us – if not ALL of us have an email address.  But we all have different loyalties.  Most of us signed up for whichever provider that caught our eye first and have since stayed loyal to that company, at least I have. Even though Google is the #1 search engine (no one can even attempt to argue that), many people still use Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol, and various other companies for email. 

So what does Google do?  Take email a step further in user friendliness, and in turn gained more customers.  They made it Google could organize all that incoming mail for you.  That means, a lot of emails will get thrown into the “Promotions” category.  What is fantastic about this feature is that there is also an “unsubscribe” within the tab of the promotion email, whatever it may be. 

At first you may think that this was just a new feature placed there in hopes of making email users happier – but there’s a lot more to it than just that.  There was a strategy in placing the “unsubscribe” button right by the header of an email.  With more people unsubscribing to other companies, Google is taking control of the internet.  Google:  The King of the Web. 

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich