Confidential Confessions

Social apps are the hottest other than games these days. With Facebook, Twitter, and all of our other social networking sites now in app format, what else is there to download? Well, for those who like to gossip, or simply need advice on certain topics they wish to share with people who won't share them to others, confidential posting apps are here.

The main feature about these apps which is drawing people in is that you can say whatever you want without it coming back to you. Whisper, Secret, Confide, and Rumr are just some of the most popular ones out now. With these fun and interactive apps, there's no need to worry about offending people or hurting your reputation. David Byttow, co-founder of Secret, believes that "anonymity can help people be themselves and share what they really feel or think."

PostSecret was the original secret sharing service which allowed anyone to send their secrets to the founder, who would then select random ones and publish them anonymously for all to see. From this idea, the secret sharing services have expanded into these social applications. The actual success of Post Secrets app was not good as it shut down within three months due to abusive and malicious content. Other developers have clearly learned from PostSecret's mistakes and success and used it to make their apps successful. 

Whisper is a popular service that lets users post anonymous messages that anyone can read. These messages are sorted by proximity, and timeliness. Users of this service are between the ages of 17 and 28. Posts usually contain content regarding to sex or love and some are very offensive. It's obvious that the biggest challenge for these services is filtering out juicy gossip from abusive posts. Which service will beat the rest is still unknown. However, Whisper does claim to have raised $21 million un funding and get about 3 billion page views per month. With that being, don't get left out of the loop due to a dying battery, power up your phone with one of our chargers and keep gossiping.

Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner