The Incriminating Selfie

Ever had one of your beloved tech gadgets stolen, like your phone or tablet?  It happened to me once – and boy was I glad that I had at least stored all the content of my phone on iCloud.  While tech companies do their best to help their customers preserve their products, they cannot prevent it – but they surely can take measures to try.  There are so many devices that we rely so much on nowadays – so how do we protect them?  There are great tools, like the “Find my iPhone” app, there are options to put passcodes on nearly everything, and there is the iCloud that allows you to store your information. 

Well, in this new developing case in Loveland, Colorado, the iCloud is the tool used to find the rookie criminal who stole an iPad from Premier Gymnastics.  He took a selfie with the stolen tablet, that was then uploaded onto the iCloud. This man’s photo is now posted all over the internet and has been aired on television. With the selfie he took with the stolen product plastered all over the web, I am sure he is to be located soon.  

Worst thief ever?  I am not condoning pilfering by any means – but come on, if you’re going to be a criminal who steals things, maybe try using your brain? 

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich