Why Some People Are Calling the 2014 Audi A7 TDI, “The Best Tech Car”

Of late, the automobile world has truly made great strides in playing catch up with all the new technology the world has been offering.  As if you needed another reason to obsess over Audi’s, let’s talk about some of the amazing features of the new Audi A7 TDI that are making tech lovers name this one “the best tech car”.   

This lovely hunk of metal is the encompassment of beauty and brains.  So what are some of these features that have got everyone talking?  To start, the fuel economy for the size of this car is truly impressive.  There is a downside to this – there are additional AdBlue fill-ups every 10,000 miles.  However if you’re willing to deal with the maintenance of diesel drive quirks, let me tell you, you’ll be pleased with the significantly higher fuel economy compared to it’s less glamorous gasoline equivalent (28%).  Quite frankly, 10,000 miles does not pass quickly by any means if you ask me. 

Some of the connected features that are sure to impress include Google Local Search and Google Earth integrated into the Navigation.  You’re sure to never get lost while cruising in this beauty.  Oh and while you’re taking that fun ride, make sure to turn the music up!  The Bangs and Olufsen audio system delivers balanced and detailed music reproduction.  One of the complaints to the audio system is that you have to get your own audio adapter cables for external devices – but then again, doesn’t every car have that requirement? 

This lovely car is priced at close to 67,000 U.S. dollars.  So I’ll be daydreaming about cruising in this car while I sit in my office and stare at photos of it. 

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich