Google Chromecast Video Streamer – What a Steal!

I don’t know about you but I love watching my TV shows – I’m just not usually on the same schedule as the airdates.  Actually, my favorite method of show-watching is to wait until an entire season has aired before I binge watch almost every episode in one weekend.  Don’t judge me. 

The thing is, that not every streaming site/application has all the shows – so you end up paying for a subscription that you’ll find, falls short.  Not with this Google Chromecast.  Google Chromecast streaming has a plethora of so many different streaming platforms, that you’ll never want to leave your couch!  This new product gives you streaming from Netflix, Youtube, Google Music, Google Movies and Television, and HBO Go - all to be streamed onto your television. You even have a remote a device that likely rarely leaves your hands anyway; your smartphone or tablet. 

One way that the Google Chromecast apparently falls short is that the screen-mirroring feature isn’t as good as many would hope.  This requires a lot of reliance on the supported apps which may not always be on their best behavior.  Many are still satisfied with the results regardless, while this reliability does not live up to some people’s standards. For only $35 a month, I personally think that you're already getting a lot.  

For those who want higher quality, there is another option!  But you’ll have to pay for it; nothing in this world is free my friends!  For an additional $15, you get a Roku box on top of everything else, that offers several more channels and an onscreen interface that gives you that traditional TV experience. 

Keep those devices charged! Whether you’re streaming onto your tablet or using your smartphone as a remote – make sure it stays powered up while you compulsively watch 10 episodes of Game of Thrones back to back – oh wait that’s me.  Check out our batteries on our website or on Amazon

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich