Starting Up: Tips in Setting Yourself Apart

How to start up business

Today, we live in a society filled with driven, educated and business minded individuals looking to find success.  We have been given great tools through schooling and technology that act as vessels for success if utilized properly.  However, with this vast amount of determined people, how can we set ourselves and our ideas apart from the crowd and reach that ultimate goal of success? 

I am a firm believer in having a great idea.  You need to have an idea of a product that you truly believe in and then follow through with creating it.  But it isn’t just having that great idea – because guess what?  A lot of people have great and creative ideas.  The secret lies in getting the word out; in communicating your thoughts to the world and somehow getting people to listen to you rather than someone else in the big sea of people.  Here are some of the ways I think are great in getting started…

First off, whatever your idea is – do all the prep work before you start communicating to the world.  That is, have your product ready to go.  Have your website set up.  Have a way for people to be able to contact you, etc.  You get the gist. 

Presentation!  You want people to see your idea and actually lock eyes on it with interest.  Your website should display your idea very clearly without too much unnecessary clutter.  Also, put a little bit of yourself in it.  People like to get to know others – having an “About Us” section is a great plus to get people to trust you. 

tips in starting up

Use your social media!! Social Media is everything nowadays.  Most people I talk to get their news from Facebook of late.  Utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to your extreme advantage!  The best way to get the word out is through these tools that make connecting to people so easy.  Get familiar with popular hashtags and learn to use them correctly. Also, provide links to your social media sites on all of your websites.  

Get to know your competition.   Look at what your competitors have done.  You can actually learn a lot by seeing what they have done right, and more importantly what they are doing wrong – so that you can stay a step ahead!

Build a trustworthy brand.  Always treat your customers as best you can.  This generates loyal customers as well as makes others want to join in hearing about good experiences. 

These are my tips for this week!  Check out our batteries – they’re great for business travelers, or in general for anyone who uses power-sucking devices!  #istaycharged

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich