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Us well-seasoned travelers know that there goes a lot of thought into packing.  For every one of the many trips I have taken – I learn a new lesson every time when I have forgotten to pack some little item.  With the help of other avid travelers, I have created a nifty little checklist that I literally go through before I begin preparing for any trip!  Here are my top 10: 

#1:  ATM Card and CASH – When travelling ANYWHERE, you never know what kind of unexpected and sticky situation you may get into.  Some of these times call for cash, while at different times your ATM card may be the thing that saves you.  I mean, who knows what kind of emergency situation you can get into.  Or you could simply come across the most perfect pair of heels you’ve ever seen and think, “If only I brought my darn ATM Card”.  ;)

#2:  Chapstick – I know it sounds like a silly thing to need or even to forget, but I’ve done it countless times.  It is a small item that is often overlooked.  But when you travel, often airplane conditions or climate changes call for your beloved lip-balm – STAT.

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#3:  Camera – Capture your trip in moments.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Don’t forget to snap photos of those special moments, whether you’re a photography snob or just want to take pictures for your collection of memories.  Trust me, you’ll cherish those photos one day. 

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#4:  Portable Battery – If not just for airplane reasons for when you’re stuck in a seat for hours upon hours draining all of your entertaining tech devices, but also for those situations in rural places where wall plugs are unavailable.  You’re toting all of these great devices that are there to enhance your experience by offering all the tools you need – only to find out the battery is dead.  Don’t let that be you!  Be smart and pack some portable batteries. 

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#5:  E-reader – For that down time.  You may be on a plane, sitting on a beach, or taking a break from a long hike.  E-readers save you the extra pounds of weight of a few books.  In addition, you have internet access and yet another way to take photos – one of my favorite travel companions.

#6:  Universal Plug Adapters – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood proudly before my suitcase, fully packed with all of my favorite power sucking devices delighted,  thinking, “I’ve got them all, I didn’t forget anything!”  (i.e. laptop, tablet, smartphone, ipod, speakers, flat iron, etc..) Only when I get to my lovely foreign travel destination, I realize I did indeed overlook one small, yet very important item; my adapter.  So yeah, American plugs don’t fit into European ones without an adapter.  Finding adapters in foreign countries has proven to be a demanding task.  So if you forget – good luck with that nearly impossible quest of finding one. 

#7:  Waterproof Sunscreen – Keep your skin protected.  Sunburns aren’t fun.  Also, sunscreen in different countries can be overpriced and many places may not even have the type you’re looking for. 

#8:  Travel Earplugs – For the plane, a must.  They help with the ears popping in the high altitudes, oh and also for when the baby 5 rows ahead goes into a crying fit. 

#9:  USB Stick – This is an awesome way to store films you many want to watch during your vacation, documents you may need, etc.  It is also perfect for storing the many photos you’re likely going to take while on your lovely getaway. 

#10:  Unique and Colorful Bag Tags – I have had my bags lost twice, so I have a unique type of strong anxiety standing at the baggage claim.  Colorful bag tags are great for easily identifying you bag amongst the many nearly identical suitcases spilling out. 

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This is where I will stop myself!  10 things you mustn’t forget while packing for your next getaway.  Happy travels!  

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Ruza Radich