Rumor has it…New Amazon Smartphone Release Date

New Amazon Smartphone Release Date

Amazon is actually coming out with a smartphone now – that’s right, they’ve truly been stepping up their game.  But the question is, what is this rumored new Amazon smartphone going to have to offer that will put it in competition with all the other big guys?  Let’s be realistic here, there are already trusted smartphone manufacturers that most people will likely stay loyal to, like Samsung and Apple for instance.  In short, this smartphone will need to have features no others competitors have.

Here is the information we have so far on what those features entail…

Said to debut this coming Summer 2014 ( within the next 3-6 months), the new  Amazon smartphone’s biggest wow-factor is going to be the 6 camera’s it is going to be sporting, front and rear of course.  It’ll also have additional touch-less gesture controls – like following eye movement and any other physical moves. 

Additional specs you’ll want to know is that this is going to have 4.7 inch display, quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, and a 2400 mAh battery capacity – impressive.  The battery size is pretty average, so should you choose to purchase this new smartphone, I suggest pairing it with a portable battery!

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While the specs all sounds great and up to par in a smartphone review, they don’t seem to have anything that puts them about other already popular mobile phones out there.  I would say the only big card the new Amazon smartphone has to play is the camera, which will likely gather a lot of followers in and of itself.  People nowadays rely heavily on their phones to take pictures as opposed to cameras alone.  Folks shopping for a new smartphone may be very interested in the 6 camera concept the Amazon phone is said to offer! 

New Amazon smartphone release date

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich