Ballin' On A Budget In Vegas

Friday Travels: Ballin’ On A Budget In Vegas


Clubs, pool parties, supersized drinks, shopping, and lots of beautiful people; this is what you get when you enter the life of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, glamorous scandals of Sin City aren’t so glamorous when you’re poor. To help you get the most out of your Vegas trip in the future, here are some valuable tips that can truly make a difference on the turnout of your vacation.




The obvious one of them all, as you’d expect, is to plan your trip way in advance. By this I don’t mean book a hotel room a year in advance and then figure out the rest of the trip when the time comes. When it comes to planning ahead, you need to get EVERYTHING coordinated at the same time. If you’re going during a time when you know a lot of people will be wanting to go too, plan ahead!


Hotel and airfare usually vary depending on the day of the week and time of year. While it might not be the best decision to book these sorts of things too far ahead (as prices tend to drop when the time gets closer and a lot are still available), it’s smart to do your research before booking. Take EDC for example, A LOT of people go to that so chances are most things will be taken sooner than later. Another thing to consider is your group. Who will you be making the trip to Vegas with? A smart way to go about planning these sorts of things is to have people hop on board with your planning and everyone pitch in. Not only does this elevate the stress that comes with planning, it also cuts back your costs significantly. If you’re not too far from Vegas and it’s driveable, splitting the cost of gas and taking one car might be smarter than flying.



Club Promoters


If you’re not familiar with what a club promoter is, basically their job is to get people in to the clubs. A smart way to get in to the hottest party spots for a fraction of the cost is by getting in touch with a promoter. Clubs usually have guest lists every night, which often times means no cover charge, and guess what? The club promoter can get you on that list. Do some searching around through social media, as this is where most promoters get their invites out to the crowd.


Discount Sites


Package deals and discounts are obviously preferred when it comes to such an expensive trip like Vegas. Do your research. Sites like Groupon constantly have different deals available for purchase to the public. If you don’t have a “status membership” that gives you discounts on hotels and miles to use on your airfare, discounted deals is the next best thing you can do. For those going to Vegas for a particular event, check out the event page’s hotel links! Often times, big events get special deals on hotels and it makes more sense to take advantage of those deals rather than pay full price or try to haggle down prices elsewhere.


Be Prepared!


Being out on the strip doesn’t always mean you’ll have easy access to and from your hotel room. You have to remember that there are a ton of people constantly going in and out of Vegas, so once you’re out, you’re out for the night. Be prepared with your essentials at hand. Girls: carry satchels as they’re easier to manage than a handbag when you’re drunk. Don’t lose track of each other: keep your phone charged. Always carry your Juno Power battery with you in your purse or pocket when out on the strip. You never know when you’ll run out of power and you don’t want to be separated from your friends, so stay connected and keep your phone powered on! 

Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner