Organization Tips for Mom

Staying organized takes some dedication and work, especially for busy moms who have toddlers running around.  It’s hard enough to chase the 2 year old around in an attempt to keep the mayhem at a minimum!  And yet, speaking of mayhem, it’s easier to stay productive and efficient throughout the day when you are organized.  Having clutter and disorganization around the house means taking extra time to get tasks done when you spend 10 minutes looking for that one item that isn’t where you remember leaving it. 

moms organize

The way I see it, taking the time to sort, de-clutter and clean up are worth the extra minutes when it means saving you the frustrating scavenger hunts later. 

But it doesn’t have to be as laborious as it sounds.  Here are some tips to help you stay organized in an efficient and even fun manner. 

#1:  When it’s time to clean, put on a fun playlist! 

fun organize

We all have that genre of music that gets us pumped up and in a motivated mood.  Create a playlist of your favorite feel-good beats and rock out while you sort the laundry!

#2:  Get creative.  It makes things more fun! 

creative organize

mom stays organized

For instance, using mason jars to store little and easy to lose items, is a creative idea.  The mason jars are a new fun fad – they look good, and you can see what is inside the jar without having to dig inside. 

#3:  Get a checklist white board! 

I am all about lists; writing things down helps you remember, especially when you write the list in a very visible place.  Having the things you want to get done written down actually encourages you to do those things.  Plus, if you’re anything like me, checking things off feels amazing. 

#4:  Kitchen timer. 


You know those old school timers that you wind up and they tick tick tick until it rings?  Well, they’re great for those days when you want to get something done.  We all get distracted easily or zone out when doing mundane tasks.  Having that ticking is a constant reminder – and it subconsciously makes us stay focused in knowing there is a deadline.  This is something you can apply to yourself and to your kids (you can make a game out of clean-up time). 

#5:  Plastic bins. 

Go to the container store and get those plastic bins!  Slap some sticker labels on them and voila – easy organization.  


moms organization


Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich