Top Reasons you Should Visit Croatia

If you’ve been reading my blogs, well you already know that my heritage is Croatian, and that I love to visit the country very often!  Although I may have been able to spark a little bit of interest in some of you, I don’t think I have fully convinced anyone to go see the country themselves.  Here is a list of my favorite things about Croatia…and why you should go travel and see for yourself!

#1:  It is beautiful.

Dubrovnik is a popular city along the coast of Croatia.  Well-known for it’s beautiful walls and crystal clear water.  (Sidenote: Game of Thrones fans, look familiar?

Plitvice is largest National Park in Croatia – and is well known throughout the world for it’s beautiful cascading lakes and waterfalls.  Astoundingly beautiful!

Croatia is not all beach-towns and vacation spots!  Pula is a busy city on the coast full of beautiful architectural attractions.  Best known is the marvelous and well preserved Roman amphitheater.  Here plenty of concerts and festivals are held.  I had the pleasure of watching the famous 2cellos perform while I sat in front row!  It was an unforgettable experience.


#2:  The food is to die for.

Burek. This doughy delight is probably one of my favorite foods ever. It isn’t much to look at, but the taste is….I have no words for how good. It is made by spreading dough across a big table so that it is paper-thin and putting trails of butter and cheese (or ground meat). You then delicately wrap it before putting in the oven. The result is a flakey dough that is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside enveloping the delicious cheese (or meat). Ok, I’m drooling. Putting in a request to my Baka (grandma) right now.


Palacinke are the Croatian version of crepes and man are they good.  They are also extremely popular and can be found at pretty much any caffe or restaurant you stroll into.  They even have little stands in the busy streets being served up with the perfect dose of Nutella.

#3:  Laid back culture. 

If I could define Croatian culture in a few words it would be: café-bars, beaches, rakia, and humor.  Oh, and lots of walking.

Coffee break?  10 minutes you say?  In Croatia, going to the café sometimes turns into a day-long event…and it is every day.  People sit in their groups sipping amazingly delicious coffee laughing and chatting for hours. The culture there is all about actual face-time.  The humor and personalities of the people I’ve met there reflects that! 

When you’re not sitting in the café sipping your espresso, you’re on the gorgeous beach soaking up some rays or playing games!  There are also rakia bars that serve up some of the best tasting liquor (much like grappa); but be careful, that stuff is potent.  Going to dinner is an experience you definitely want to have.  Many places serve up some great fresh seafood, and have live tambura bands.  The music is relaxing and pulls at your heart-strings. 

Did you say nightlife?  If you’re a bar enthusiast and club hopper, get your party shoes on.  The nightlife starts late and goes on til morning.  You know it’s a good time when you realize it is 7 am and the venue is still packed. 


#4:  Natural landscaping made for adventure!

Scuba Diving/Snorkeling/Hiking/Climbing = Croatia was made for this.  Every time I go, my thoughts are “So many things to do, so little time!

#5:  Wine country.

Some of the best wine there is – go wine tasting!


#6:  You stay connected.

Because Croatia has become such a great tourist attraction, you can bet that every caffe-bar, restaurant, and hotel will have wifi available!  So if you’re afraid of visiting other countries that won’t have that connection, fear not!  In Croatia you don’t have to feel like you’re disconnected from the world.  Take all your favorite gadgets and share your experiences with the world J  When traveling, don’t forget to bring a portable charger.  Even if you have wifi – it won’t do you any good if your phone dies mid-text.

Now pack up your things and get to traveling!  Carpe diem.
Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich