Doing the Impossible

As I sat boredly scrolling through my newsfeed, I came across this video described as interviews for an impossible job.  Of course it sparked my curiosity, so I pressed play and watched.  Here is what I saw: 
Upon watching this video I sat back with tears in my eyes and reflected on the message the gentleman was conveying.  I thought about the absolute rockstar my own mother is.  I am one of four, and I have to say, my mom has literally centered her life around us; let me tell you – raising four strong-minded daughter’s was no easy feat.  We were not to be conquered!  Now that we are a little bit older, my mom is finally starting to do things for herself again.  At first, the idea of it was so foreign to her that it definitely took some getting used to.  That is, she finally doesn’t get an anxiety attack at the idea of taking time for herself to say, get a pedicure.  My sisters and I had to basically train her to go and be selfish.  Funny how it works.
Then I got to thinking…Will I ever be able to give so much of myself to the cause of another human being?  Will I ever be able to give up my weekly outings, pampering, trips, shopping sprees, hikes – and more pointedly sleep?  Sanity? 
The answer is, probably…although I just can’t seem to be able to wrap my head around that concept.  Instead of trying to think about the “how”, I’m just going to ask my sister.  My older sister is now 28 and has two beautiful boys that I love to spoil rotten.  Since she has only been a mom for 3 years now, she’s the perfect interview candidate for how life was “pre-kids” versus “mom life”. 

How much has your life changed sis?


Daily Doodies:


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What are some of your biggest hardships as a mom?
The biggest "hardship" is the fact that life is no longer just about me.  Not to say that I solely lived my life and thought solely about myself before kids, just that my children opened my eyes to what it truly means to put someone else's needs before your own.  Just the other night my husband and I made plans to go to the Giants game for his birthday, secured babysitters and all, and a few hours before we were supposed to leave our youngest son came down with a 104 degree fever.  I didn't go to the Giants game that night.
List out some of the things you do on the daily?
Answer to the needs of my kids (feed them, change them, comfort them, discipline them...)
Household chores (cleaning, tidying, laundry)
Grocery shopping
What’s sleep like?
My kids are now 1 and 3 years old, so better these days:) The oldest for the most part sleeps through the night, the youngest is up once...both end up in our bed most nights. It would be nice to get a night of better quality sleep with no kids in the bed, but in time, in time!;)  Oh, and when they're sick you can forget about sleep.
How often do you get to hang out with friends?  
Without kids, maybe once a month (every other month?)  With the kids (with friends that have kids too) probably more often.

How about when you weren’t a mom? 
Whenever I wanted (outside of work).
What are some other things you’ve given up?
Going out every weekend
Quality sleep
Self pampering on a regular basis (manicures/pedicures, facials) 

How often do you get to do things that are just for yourself and no one else?
Every once in a while, usually because I have the excuse of a gift certificate that I have had since last Christmas or since my birthday that I haven't used, and gosh darnit I just need to use it already!;)
Do you ever feel like you might lose it? 
All the time:) 

Daily Delights:

The simplicity of child laughter (what they find funny sometimes!)
The way they talk (Children are so intuitive, they catch you off guard)
Watching them conquer new feats from rolling over to crawling, taking their first steps, riding a tricycle, putting a puzzle together all by themselves and just watching their joy as they're so proud of themselves.
And the list goes on

to be a mom

With all that being said and done, there must be a good reason for doing all of it.  What are the biggest rewards of being a parent for you?
You know everyone talks a lot about the "hardships" of being a parent.  An don't get me wrong, being a parent is not easy, being responsible for another human being's life is not to be taken lightly, but at the end of the day children are a great piece of perspective on life.  They remind you more often than not about the simple things in life, so that what you think is a "hardship" is really no hardship at all.  It's a selfish thought really, to think that these beings you created are stopping you from living some life you think you could have if you didn't have them.  Traveling, experiencing the world, do it! It's not the same with kids. But don't take the "life's over" approach to having children.  It's sooo not! I feel that my children have brought more meaning to my life.  I feel fulfilled in a way I never have.  I am my happiest:)

mommy job

Being a mommy definitely sounds like the hardest job on earth - it is demanding your undivided attention!  But from what I gather, it also seems like the most rewarding job on this planet.  SO....maybe I'll have courage to endeavor on that obstacle ridden path one day.

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich