Cyber Dust – The Ultimate Privacy App

 cyber dust

We all have a sneaky side – admit it.  Sometimes we just want to tell someone exactly what’s on our minds, without leaving a trail.  While other times, we are maybe doing something or talking to someone we shouldn’t be.  Well, as it seems, there is an app for everything nowadays. 

If you’re planning on being a little sneaky, you may want to download this new app called Cyber Dust.  It is an app that self-destructs those messages you sent after 30 seconds.  Think of it as a text-chat version of the very popular Snap Chat app; you won’t be leaving a trail behind where someone can go back and read over what you read, or show their group of friends that very secret message you just wrote. 

cyber dust

cyber dust

In a world where privacy is starting to feel like a mere concept as opposed to an actual right, I can appreciate tools like Cyber Dust.  In the applications description, you’ll find this set of capabilities:

- Have fun and private conversations without worry

- Fully Encrypted Messages that are deleted forever

- Share Photos, Stickers & Emojis

- Send mass photos and texts to multiple friends

- Send and Read Confirmations

- Screenshot Detection

- Share in-the-moment conversations with friends

- Never pay for an sms text message again

- Instantly connect with friends and other users

- Beautifully designed for iOS 7

- Video (Coming Soon)

With Cyber Dust, you can tell people what is on your mind instead of just thinking about it!  Say what you need to say and move on from it without worry!! 

While you’re chatting it up, make sure your phone doesn’t die.  Get a portable Juno Power battery and stay connected. 

Stay sneaky, people.

cyber dust

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich