My Inspiration: Why I Think All Small Businesses Can Make It!

Running a business is no easy deed; I’ve seen this first hand growing up with a father who owns a small business.  I’ve also grown up seeing and hearing about a lot of small businesses tanking and not making it.  Even still, I stand by my opinion that with the right amount of drive, grit, hard work, strategy and dedication, you can make it.  If you’re wondering why I so fervently believe this… well, like I said before, it’s because I watched my father become a success when all odds were against him.

You see, my father grew up in a small and impoverished village in Croatia.  “Third world” doesn’t even begin to explain it.  There were many days when his poor family couldn’t afford to even put food on the table.  At that time, those were the circumstances.  They lived under a corrupt government and broken economy.  My dad didn’t even go to school much; he had bad grades and I’m not even sure if he even finished high school. 

Around age 25, he decided he had had enough of that life.  He took a huge leap of faith and made way for America.  Now I’m not going to tell that story because A) It wasn’t exactly legal and B) Well, I could write an entire novel telling that story. 

Point is, he got to America with no money or certainty that he would make it.  He didn’t know a word of English and had no college degree.  What he did have was drive.  He had cousins who were already living in Hollywood, so he went there and found a job working construction.  Before you knew it, he was making money.  He knew how to save money and had plans.  He learned English to the best of his ability and decided to go to trade school to be an electrician. 

While my dad didn’t have language, money or high education on his side, he managed to create his own business of an Electric and Construction company.  It was NOT easy.  The top lessons I take from my fathers experiences are:


Hard work


Willingness to Sacrifice

Good Character


Need to Succeed

I believe that with these qualities, any person will achieve his or her goals.  Sure, there are strategies to be applied here, but without the qualities listed above, I don’t think most would make it. 


It all boils down to what kind of life you want to live, how badly, and how much you’re willing to do to get there.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich