iPhone Features That You Didn't Know About

Smartphones have come a long way, and most of us today think we know basically everything about our smartphones.. or do we? Here are a couple of helpful features that your iPhone came with which you may not have noticed or known about. 



1) Shake to Undo

If you are typing a text or email on your iPhone and make a mistake, instead of erasing or deleting your typo, you can just shake your phone. Shaking your phone will undo whatever you just typed. This feature can be very helpful when you are trying to type quickly and efficiently.


2) Typing Shortcuts 

If you have a phrase that you type fairly often, instead of typing the phrase over and over in texts or emails you can program your iPhone to type out common phrases for you by inserting shortcuts. For example, typing "omw" is already programmed as a short cut for "On my way!" in most iPhones. This is another feature that can be helpful when you are trying to communicate as efficiently as possible.



3) Take Photos with Volume Buttons

When you are taking a photograph on your iPhone, usually you just press the circular button on your screen, right? That seems easy enough, but if you are trying to take a selfie at a party or when you're out at night it can be difficult to find the camera button on your screen. This is when the volume buttons come in handy as a camera function!


4) Start and End a Sentence with the Space Bar 

 Instead of typing a period at the end of every sentence just double tap the space bar and your iPhone will automatically recognize the end of a sentence and place a period there for you.


5) Change Siri's Voice

Siri is the beloved voice on our iPhones that we have all grown familiar with. The voice is usually an American female voice but can actually be changed! You can program Siri to speak different languages which can be convenient for people who's English isn't great. Siri can even nail a British or Australian accent!


6) Make Your iPhone Speak Text

When you're texting, reading an email, or reading an article online, highlight any group of words and your iPhone will give you the option of speaking it out loud. This can be helpful if you are busy and can not read a long text or email message or if you want to hear some news but don't feel like reading the entire article.


These are just a few of the helpful and convenient features iPhone has to offer. Use these tips to maintain an efficient lifestyle and make sure to check out our external batteries to keep your iPhone and other devices charged everywhere you go!


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin