Are Robots the Next Big Thing?



We've all seen it before, a cartoon or sci-fi film depicting a future filled with robots that eventually take over the world. We are all left to wonder how realistic this depiction of our future is. Fortunately, a robotic apocalypse is no where in the near future. A more realistic future of robotics in one in which there are no more clean clothes to fold, no more teachers in classrooms, and no more driving tests! Robots are meant to take on the tedious tasks in our lives, not take over our lives. Here are a few neat accomplishments people have made so far in the field of robotic technology!


Although they may not fit the stereotype of "robots", in today's society we already have several service bots in place. Tools like automated voice mail boxes, self-checkout machines at grocery stores, and even global positioning systems are all examples of robotic technology embedded into our everyday lives. Slowly, but surely, human tasks are being replaced by technology.





One exciting new product in the robotic industry that has recently been available to the public is the automated vacuum-cleaner. This small robotic vacuum cleaner is a flat, disc-shaped vacuum that navigates its way around any work or living space. It is able to adjust from hardwood floors to carpets immediately, can be set to vacuum at a convenient time (like when nobody is home), can be programmed to finish vacuuming one room before moving into another, and will even clean areas with concentrated messes more thoroughly than others. Robotic vacuums are still not very popular as they range from $250 to over $700 making them more of a luxury item than anything else. 





The development of service-bots is rapidly improving as engineers are testing and developing cars that are self-driven. Google has recently been testing its new self-driven car that can assist blind or disabled people who are unable to drive. 



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Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin