Save the Earth! Simple Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint



Our Earth is an amazing planet, filled with an immense level of biodiversity. From the fish in the sea to the graceful mammals that roam the land, we share this world with about 8.7 million different species! We can all easily go on believing that human survival is based on our food and resources, which to some extent, it is; however if you take a closer look, you'll realize that our world is a complex chain of creatures all interdependent on one another. This is why we need to take care of the earth! The survival of you, me, your loved ones, and our future generations depends on the survival of every other living organism on this planet. Yes, its true that naturally some species will die off, but it is also true that 99% of endangered species today are put at risk of extinction because of what mankind has done to the earth. The world as we know it may have a chance at surviving if people can make changes. Drastic changes would be helpful, however minute lifestyle changes will still significantly reduce our carbon footprint! Here are a few tips that can save the earth and even save you a couple bucks on your utility bills!



Use Water Sparingly:

Water is a scarce resource, and conserving it can allow for it to naturally flow to other reserves, forests, and unincorporated areas where wildlife flourishes; not to mention, water conservation can also cut down your water bill! A couple ways you can reduce your water usage are:

-Cut your shower down by a few minutes.

-Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

-Take a few extra minutes out of your day to water your garden manually instead of using automated sprinklers (as sprinklers often over water your plants and end up wasting a significant amount of water).

-Wash your clothes in larger loads.

-Quickly repair a leaky faucet! These may look like they're barely dripping, but leaky faucets can waste up to 80 gallons of water a week! That's nearly 4,165 gallons per year!



Be Mindful of Trash:

-Sort through your trash before throwing it away, recycling, composting, and garbage.

-Donate old clothes instead of throwing them away.

-Stop littering! Even a piece of gum or a cigarette butt contributes to the world's pollution!



Cut Down on Electricity:

 Although recent technology has created alternative methods to generating electricity such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy, almost 77% of the world's energy comes from burning non-renewable fossil fuels including coal and petroleum and the average home pollutes more than the average car! These sources of energy are harmful to the earth when they are burned excessively (as they are today). A couple ways to reduce electricity usage are:

-Before leaving your house, or even a public restroom, turn off the lights to save some energy.

-Unplug your phone after it is fully charged.

-Use your air conditioner and heater sparingly.

-Put your computer or laptop on "sleep" when stepping away from it.

-Look to alternative energy methods such as solar panels. 




Reduce Gasoline Consumption:

-If possible, carpool to work or school. Not only will this reduce your carbon foot print, it will also significantly lower your cost for gasoline.

-Invest in a hybrid or an electric car, this may use electricity, however it comes down to a lot less energy usage and will reduce your costs for gasoline.



Other Tips:

-Keeps windows and doors tightly closed when air conditioning or heaters are turned on to reduce the amount of warm/cold air escaping.

-Plant trees! These will not only produce extra shade for your home to keep you cool naturally, it will also gradually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere!

-Use microwaves or toasters to heat up warm leftovers. This uses far less energy than an oven.

-Don't let your phone die! It takes more energy to charge a dead phone than it does to charge a phone on low battery! Check out our portable external batteries and never worry about your phone dying again (not to mention, you'll be living more efficiently and saving the earth).

Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin