US Students: BEST Spring Break Destinations!

Spring has finally come, and with it have come eager young college students looking for a fun getaway over their break. Here are some of our top picks for spring break destinations, some for party-seekers, some for families, some for couples, and a little bit for everyone!

Miami, FL

Relatively inexpensive, and eternally sunny, Florida will always be a great destinations for east coast students going home for the break, or looking for a warm spot to heat up after winter! Miami is known for its amazing bars, night clubs, and of course its long spans of white beaches. Miami is definitely one of the most exotic places you can visit in the continuous United States.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a great spring break destination for those looking for a warm sunny beach with the luxury of a big city near by. LA has great shopping destinations and a huge downtown with all the excitement of a city and its near a beach! LA is perfect for all you city kids!

Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is a perfect introduction to island life with lots of nature and volcanic remnants, without all the confusion of foreign cultures, languages and currencies. The exotic islands of Hawaii can be very relaxing and tropical and Honolulu creates a perfect balance of entertaining city life while still maintaining the sense of a relaxing get away of an island.

Cabo, MEX

Cabo is a perfect destination for couples seeking a private getaway or for young students looking to legally drink and have a good time! Cabo is a perfect combination of Mexican culture and nightlife, with the privacy and secluded natural Mexican landscape.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island is not only a great spring break destination for college students, but also for the whole family! The Bahamas, though not a part of the U.S., have equal currency value. Though the Bahamian islands give American visitors an exotic taste of paradise with their native islanders and tropical climate, the islands are only a short boat ride or flight away from the U.S.'s east coast.


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Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin