Artist pranks LA Best Buy stores with useless gadget

Five Best Buy stores unknowingly hosted an art exhibit that questions our obsession with gadgets. The reason why it questions our obsession with gadgets is, because we all just want the hottest and newest thing out there not caring if the product works or doesn't work but you just have to have it. People who went into the five Best Buy in the Los Angeles area might have played or seen the useless gadget. A street named artist put empty black boxes near other items in the store. It was labeled for $99.99 and probably got people thinking it was just another gadget, who didn't look at it twice. He put a description on the back saying useless things like another gadget you don't need, new model out in 4 weeks, and there is no warranty with this piece of crap.

The street artist sounds like he is sick of buying and watching people buy all these items that people don't need but just want to have. He believes gadgets bring more stress than joy to your life, because if something goes wrong you have to call the company service line for help, but no one or anything is perfect. Best Buy representative said "They are flattered that Best Buy is so top of mind for Mr. Plastic Jesus." He also got a lot of support from people for pulling this stunt and got a few messages of support from the Best Buy staff. Therefore, this is showing how we think about new technology, and people always need the latest gadgets.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa