iPhone 5s most bought at US carriers

Apple is sitting on top of the most bought smartphones at all four major carriers in the US. In September, iPhone 5s overtakes the Samsung S4 to become the top-selling smartphone. The iPhone 5s was released on September 20th, which is half way through the month already but still out beat Samsung S4. They also had the iPhone 5c come out in September, which is also making a strong sale.

The iPhone 5c is experiencing strong sales, but not as strong as the iPhone 5s. Canaccord Genuity believes Apple will sell more than 52 million iPhones worldwide in this last quarter of the year. The iPhone 5c prices are already dropping, Bestbuy is selling the iPhone 5c for $99.99 but when you buy the iPhone 5c you get a gift card worth $50.00 that you can use towards the phone which will make it $50. 


The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the top selling smartphone in the US until September when the new iPhone 5s come out. The research does not say how many units were sold but shows that the S4 came in second, which is a surprise because Samsung has been on top for a few months.

Samsung was the top seller in June, July, and August making Apple second behind Samsung but not second after the iPhone 5s. Samsung is suppose to post similar strong sales, but didn't predict how many units they might sell like they did for Apple. The Blackberry's Z10 and Q10 handsets showed very soft sales. Also the HTC One was very weak for the month of September and the HTC One is iPhone biggest competitor. 

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa