The water resistant of the Virgin Mobile phone

The ZTE Reef is a water resistant smartphone, that doesn't have the latest version of Android or get 4G/LTE. The phone doesn't look water resistant, because of the plastic battery cover is rather flimsy. It is not good against dust, heat, cold, and other extreme elements that other phones can endure. People might be a little on edge dumping the phone in water, because of the headset jack that is open and no cover on it.

The phone has the basic Back, Home, and Setting on the screen with dedicated camera controls on the left hand side. On the top is power control button and headset jack. The right side are two volume controls and the USB/charger port. You would have to remove the battery to get to the microSD card slot which is inconvenient.

The good things about the ZTE Reef is that its a water resistant design, a good camera, and the call quality is pretty good. The bad things about the Reed is lacks 4G an the latest version of Android, also its SD card slot is behind the battery. The Reef is there to be a water resistant phone but skip the other Virgin's smartphone if you want the latest features and better performance.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa