Phonebloks is fitting pieces

Tired of spending money on a new phone upgrade year after year?  Well Dave Hukkens, a Dutch designer, has developed a new concept to upgrade your phone however way you like in Phonebloks.

The design consists of a simple motherboard which allows the attachment of various hardware. This flexibility essentially allows owners to create a fully upgradeable phone.The structure allows the user to determine which parts they want. Instead of a gyroscope, you could replace it with a better camera. Or if you didn't need Bluetooth, you could add more battery. Depending on what parts are used, you can assemble a phone with a lot of processing power or you can create a simple dumb phone that can receive calls and texts.  If you had two Phonebloks, you could exchange parts between phones depending on what you need during the day. Although the concept sounds like pure genius, we still have to wait and see how the final product is made. The project is currently trying to get investors on board. If you would like to support Hukkens' concept, you can join the Phonebloks Thunderclap page.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa