Haswell signs up four new Chromebooks

Google's Chromebooks are soon going to be charged by Intel's new high-speed Haswell chips. As a result these new Chromebooks are expected to last longer than 9 hours on one use. The expected costs of the Wi-Fi only models is under $300, while the high end Chromebook Pixel is expected to be about $1,300.

According to the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week, Hewlett-packard, Acer, Asus, and Toshiba are expected to all use these new chips. While Google didn't have much to say about this new addition, an Acer representative confirmed that they would be available "in time for the holidays."

Along with the new processor, the new Chromebooks are expected to include a variety of colors and a more rectangular design overall. For the HP Chromebook 14, there will be a 16 GB solid-state hard drive, an HDMI port, one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port. For the 4G model, T-mobile will provide 200 MB for free per month and Google will provide 100 GB of Google Drive storage for two years.Due to their low cost, the Chromebooks have become popular among many schools as well as the low-end PC market. Outside of increasing the academic uses, Google aims to fix Chrome OS' offline support and app design.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa