Fingerprint on iPhone a big worry?

People have a concern about the new iPhone's and their fingerprint scanner. The reason some people might not be at ease with this problem is, because the use of the biometric technology for the consumer convenience could become a hackers' treasure with all the data. They will have access to permanent data which cannot be deleted or changed.

Biometric technology is used to verify a person's identity based on their physical or behavioral characteristics through digital means. You can use fingerprint, retina scan, and facial features as a key marker to identify who you are. They are used in surveillance, laptops, smartphones, and passports, because they can't be changed and thats why some people might be worried about putting that kind of data on a mobile phone. Apple has stated that the Touch ID will only be stored on the device and will be encrypted rather than saved as an image of the fingerprint. Well some people still believe if it's only stored on your device that people will still be able to get to the biometrics from gaining access from malicious applications. Their still might be problems with having a fingerprint scanner such as slower processing rates and having errors occur. London chapter of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport workers has instructed its members to refuse to use biometric fingerprinting devices to clock in to and out of shifts. Apple is not the only company that is looking to put biometrics in their smartphones. In conclusion, this seems to have to many problems right now and seems to be a good idea. But what is the difference of having a laptop with fingerprint scanner and your phone, both can be hacked.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa