Apple expected to sell 5-6 million iPhones

Apple is expected to sell around 5-6 Million iPhone 5s/5c this weekend, well doing all of this Apple could pull in equal or slightly better in opening sales than with the iPhone 5. Selling only 5-6 million might seem to be a disappointment, because that will include China and it is the first time launching in China.

Apple has yet to say how many iPhone 5c units they have sold, because they had a pre-sale last Friday. For the past three years, Apple has posted early sales numbers following its first full day of preorders, but they didn't do it this time. Apple should be on track to get 28% increase on iPhone unit sales this quarter. The numbers estimated of 34.5 million iPhones for Apple's current quarter, which compared to last years 26.9 million iPhones, where the percent went up 58 from the year before. A reason to blame for the iPhone sales would be the iPhone 5s and its reported supply shortage. Muster said "If the iPhone 5S sells out early in the weekend, it means demand is healthy and supply is short, but if 5S supply lasts through the weekend, it could mean that demand is weaker than expected." China and Hong Kong, where the device was offered for pre-sale, was gone after a short well. This is saying it will hard to get an iPhone 5s. The iPhones go on sale Friday at 8am and online sales go on Friday and 12:01am. Therefore, if you want to get an iPhone 5s, you better line up early or be ready to order online at 12:01 Friday.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa