Comparing Apple iOS 7's Control Center with Android

With the arrival of iOS 7 to Apple, users can now compare the newest operating systems of Apple and Android face to face.

The Similarities are both the notification centers are dead easy to use. They require only a swipe (for iOS a swipe from the bottom and for Android a swipe from the top) to drag onto the screen. From this screen one can easily manipulate many settings of your phone instead of opening each setting and feature. For the aesthetics, both feature a simple to read and clean look. The Essentials are with the control center the main key tasks include: adjusting brightness, accessing clock and alarm functions, turning on and off airplane mode, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Aside from these features, iOS 7 features a Do Not Disturb function and lock rotation. Apple’s control center also contains Airdrop, a flashlight function, calculator, and camera function. The Android Customization are although the extra function iOS 7 has isn’t a mainstay on Androids notification center, the flexibility of the Android system allows users to change the items. Some manufacturers already have extra icons and settings in their phones such as the Samsung TouchWhiz and the LG Optimus. Although Apple’s quick settings have many of the important features, the freedom to control whatever settings and icons one desires gives Android an edge in user friendliness.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa