Is this the end of Blackberry?

It’s a telling tale of the demise of Blackberry when thousands of customers lined up to buy the new iPhone while Blackberry announced how it had lost nearly $1 billion this past quarter.

The old days where every businessperson had his or her own Blackberry is far-gone and Blackberry hasn’t done much to change that fact. Instead of trying to continue to compete, the company has held up the white flag and is said to be focused on the business and “prosumer” market. Even with the introduction of a new operating system in Blackberry 10, many of the staff still used Androids and iPhones at the workplace instead of the company-issued BlackBerrys. Much of the loss in the last quarter has been due to the failure of the highly promoted Z10 smartphone. The phone didn’t appeal to many current users and hardly appealed to Blackberry users due to its unfamiliar new touchscreen keyboard that many users enjoy. A new high-end Z30 was introduced earlier this week, but garnered very little sentiment from the public. Many members of the workforce focused all their efforts into the launch the Z10 only to have 4,500 of them to have received a pink slip at the end of the day.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa