Game consoles finally allowed in China

The country will need to approve each game console, but the devices would be made available across the country. It has been 13 years since China has had game consoles in their country. Gamers have won a key fight against China for them to buy consoles.

For the consoles to be on shelves they would have to get it approved by Ministry of Culture. The gamers don't understand what might cause a particular console to be banned from sale. China has banned since since 2000, when they decided that game devices were causing irreparable harm to children and adolescents. The only way to get it back into your household was by the black-market and another way was to use your PC to play games. There can be a huge opportunity for console makers and device makers but the hard part will being to convince China to approve the consoles. There is a broader set of rules related to allowing the game console sales. It means there will be a long time before the consoles make it to store shelves, but in other words its good news for gamers in China. All in all, this seems a little extreme, because it seems to be a win/win for both sides, so what's the big problem?

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa