FIFA 14 on iOS devices

It has been said that FIFA 14 is the best sports game and seems to be getting better.The good things about FIFA 14 is that they really improved from last years with excellent graphics, even more content, and improved skill move controls. The bad things about the game is you can only swipe controls in certain situations. Also you have to purchase the whole game to unlock the extra game modes for each of your devices.

This is the best sports game on iOS devices by bringing realistic soccer to your touch screen, tons of content, and game modes to explore. It has 600 fully licensed teams to play, over 16,000 players, 33 leagues, and 34 different stadiums. Saying all that, you can play with your favorite teams, players, and locations. This is the first time FIFA has gone to free to play, letting you play whenever you want without having to buy certain things. Buying it at $4.99 will unlock Tournaments, Manager Mode, and Kick Off, the single-game exhibition. They let you chose to play long or short matches, toggle offsides calls and injuries and choose from five difficulty levels. Therefore with all this being said, if you like soccer and sports game, you should go download this game for your iOS device.
Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa