Facebook prolong heartbreaks?

Scientists are convinced that the ready availability of images from the past and the present makes getting over a significant other more difficult. This also affects our ability to forgive someone. Bad thing about having a Facebook is that you can see all the information about your ex and which makes things harder to forget.

Scientists are now becoming increasingly concerned that it's possible you never will truly forget them. Facebook makes it to easy for you to see at pictures from the past, and also cyberstalk your ex in the present. Nigel Shadbolt, the chairman of the Open Data Institute and a leading British multidisciplinary scientist, said "When bad, sad or indifferent things happened to us, over time you forgot. That is why time could be a great healer." Facebook also might prevent you from forgiving, which means it will keep bad memories alive. One useful purpose of Facebook is that it allows the hurt, the heartbroken and the forlorn to follow the lives of their exes and to hope that those lives disappear down a path. All in all, if your going through a heartbreak, try to stay away from Facebook it will really help.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa