San Francisco mystery barge – Located on Treasure Island

A large ship-like barge has been spotted on Treasure Island.  This ship has been the center of a lot of gossip as rumors fly around about what this project could be.  As I read about all the speculation and research revolving around this mystery, I cannot help but think: this feels like a Sherlock Holmes story come to life. 

By and large, the thing that most people seem to be certain of is that this barge must by Google’s, although they cannot be reached for comment.  The two main assumptions that our theorists seem to be leaning towards involve either a Google Data Center or a floating Google Glass Store.   The mysterious structure seems to be made of shipping, or cargo, containers on a barge.

Diving into the first theory that suggests a Google Data Center, a strong piece of evidence is that Google did patent such an idea already.  Another such barge was spotted in Maine as well using the same company, By and Large, which is said to be definitely linked to Google. 

An additional piece of information seems to point to the Data Center Theory; this coming from an independent engineer whom had been working on this exact project years ago.  Google had pumped the breaks on the project and they decided to stop it for a list of reasons.  When the source saw the picture of the mysterious ship – his first thought was that Google had finally decided to continue the project.  Being the spitting image of what this project was planned to look like, doesn’t seem too far-fetched to assume that this is that very same Data Project come to life.


The second speculation that it is a floating Google Glass Store that will be towed in to Fort Mason in SF at some point; although it is said that Google has no such permit to do so. 

This hearsay rumor sprung from a source claiming that the founders of Google discussed having a floating Google store moving from location to location through river routes.  By the looks of it, this story would be made of different container-like, small departments – definitely what you would call a unique layout.  While this idea would certainly set Google apart from other big name competitors, such as Apple, a cargo expert’s input implies that this idea is not likely correct.  According to this source, the structure of the ship would not allow for many people to be aboard the ship. 

Until Google reveals the answers to our questions, let’s all put on our detective hats and keep digging.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich