FAA finally allowing us to use electronics during flight take off and landing!

Looks like it’s finally happening, we will be allowed to use our electronic devices during all phases of a flight.  I don’t know about you, but I am all about my electronics during travel time.  When I go on a flight, I am sure to bring my cellphone, tablet, laptop, kindle, ipod, fully charged external battery, and I’m sure I’m even forgetting to mention a few things – especially on those long flights to Europe I take every year. 

It becomes such a nuisance to have to turn off my kindle in those last 20-30 minutes of the flight for landing, because I know that for that next half hour, as we’re descending, I will be utterly bored and agitated, having to sit in the same spot I’ve been in for long hours doing nothing until the plane is landed and the seat belt sign goes off.  I imagine that most others can share my experience.  Thank goodness the FAA is hopping on our needs and changing up the rules. 

Now of course not all airlines are going to be on board at first, it will vary from plane to plane.   Additionally, this does not mean we can start to turn our phones on and make phone calls – just that we can keep our kindles and tablets on without the internet connection.  That is, keep the phones on airplane mode!  Gotta thank the FAA for thinking of the little things in making our flight experience as comfortable/bearable as possible. 

Happy flying!
Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich