Blackberry looking for a fresh start

Many of us used Blackerrys back when smarthphones were just beginning as a new fad.  However, as time has passed and new companies have risen in the smartphone world, Blackberry has more than fallen short in producing competitive products.  In order to repair their financial state, Blackberry has recently made moves in attempt for change.  First, a replacement was made; the CEO of Blackberry, Thorsten Heins, has stepped down allowing for a new player to take the reins.  In his place is former Sybase CEO, John Chen who is experienced and well respected in the business tech world.  Blackberry seems to have a lot of faith in the new boss, and think that he will take the company in a good direction. 

Another big alteration that could be game changing for the company is a new billion dollar deal that is in the cards.  However, this bold move may have been perhaps a bit too bold.  No other companies are willing to back this deal since Blackberry’s rap sheet of late is full of failure – most recently including the collapse of the FairFax agreement.  

Despite their colossal financial issues, Vivek Bhardwaj, the head of software portfolio, has related that he is not concerned with the financial issues, rather ignoring them and making the primary focus the creation of great products.  In his eyes, consumers do not care about the financial state of the company and will only care if a product is good or not. 

The great faith of the employees at Blackberry is inspiring, let hope that with the rise of popular brands like Apple and Samsung, Balckberry has a good comeback as opposed to being left in the dust. 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich